NATA adds some more talent to its line-up; Welcome Mr. Obitts

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NATA is moving on up. First, it attracted Tom Hendricks from A4A to lead the organization. He hired appropriate staff and added new member value-added services. It no longer has its headquarters in a building on the outskirts of Alexandria into a Class A office on Connecticut Avenue. The most recent announcement is another upgrading of the NATA team.

Mr. Hendricks welcomed Timothy R. Obitts as the association’s Senior Vice President for Business Development, Membership & General Counsel. His resume indicates that he has already mastered all of the vagaries of association law. That is an incredibly valuable tool for the knotty employment, IP, Board and corporate matters and a variety of issues that occur within the odd daily life of such an organization.

The future of NATA, as well as most non-profits, is to growing revenues without increasing dues. Identifying needs of NATA’s members and designing products/services which can be purchased more cheaply for the companies by the association. Using that leverage is one of the values of associations.

Mr. Obitts also has shown a talent for developing business and part of his new responsibilities at NATA is to create such ventures contributing to the association’s coffers.


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