Moving the NextGen vision closer to Reality

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Article: AEA partners with NextGen GA Fund to help aircraft owners finance avionics


Nobody said that implementing NextGen was going to be easy. Anybody, who thought that the task of transitioning from concept to reality was the sole province of the FAA, was foolish. AEA and NEXA have taken an important first step to placing NextGen avionics into the cockpits of General Aviation aircraft.

As Michael Dyment general partner with the NEXA General Partnership, manager of the NextGen GA Fund said:

“Finding efficiencies and cost-effective ways to meet public needs has never been more important to Congress, taxpayers and aircraft owners…This also protects the FAA’s own $40 billion investment in NextGen infrastructure, for which aircraft equipage is essential. The debate is not about upgrading U.S. aircraft with NextGen; it’s how to inexpensively finance it. The NextGen GA Fund is about doing just that. An alternative to commercial bank financing alternatives, the NextGen GA Fund offers owners of general aviation aircraft the advantage to equip for NextGen without a large cash outlay or having to mortgage the aircraft in return.”

Great initiative, AEA and NEXA. There are other opportunities to expedite the NextGen vision and to reduce the costs associated

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