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ARTICLE:  The 7 Steps to Managing an FAA Audit – Knowing What to Say and Do Can Save you Time, Money and Aggravation


The author of this article suggests that there are 7 steps to dealing with the FAA. Most of his points are well taken and suggest that there is more to managing the FAA than what he stated.

The FAA authority, which you hold, is your most important asset ( and it merits a comprehensive plan to preserve it. You need to know not only what the FAR, which may be at issue says, but whether there is any Flight Standards guidance material on the subject, what the original NPRM stated was the intent of issuing the rule and what official opinions have been issued by the FAA Chief Counsel. After the FAA repeatedly visits your facility, do you have any remedies and is there a simple, comprehensive program that you can implement to be proactive? There are institutional imperatives that drive certain FAA activities which, once understood, rationalize the relationship.

There are answers to these questions and JDA has put together a course of Regulatory Affairs, which the past attendees have found to resolve some of these issues. The next course is slated for September 2012 where you will gain valuable insight on how to establish a regulatory affairs process and organization.

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