More Good News about Aviation’s Drive to become Greener

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As mentioned before, the expectations for aviation to reduce its environmental impacts are heavy and require multiple approaches to reach the goals. Here are two exemplary efforts to meet that challenge.

The first story is about Boeing installing analytics software on Gol’s fleet of B-737s. The data generated by this “dashboard” will help the airline’s management to better control its use of fuel on its flights. Armed with this Boeing created information, the company will be able to make “intelligent decision aids to gain insight into current fuel usage through all phases of flight.” Gol already operates one of the youngest and most fuel efficient fleets.

IATA is an association of the world’s airlines. The IATA Environmental Assessment (IEnvA) program is an “innovative, voluntary, two-stage evaluation process designed to drive airline environmental performance improvements through independent assessment.” IEnvA has two stages.

Stage I is a test of the airline’s environmental management system and also determines whether an airline has identified and complied with its environmental legal requirements. The 2nd Stage has higher standards; the audit measures whether the IATA member meets all of IEnvA Program Standards, has adequately addressed its significant environmental impacts, and has set its own environmental goals. The IATA review includes a judgment whether the Member’s goals are being tracked through internal monitors.

Two carriers have met the Stage I standards and IATA has designated two of its members at the Stage II compliance.

The aviation environmental performance is better that the media reports to the public. These and other trade stories need to be picked up by the mass media.

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