MKE adds Milwaukee to its name; is it no longer Chicago’s Third Airport and the stripping of General may be offensive to his memory

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Mitchell International Airport Drops ‘General’ from Name, Adds Milwaukee

New Name makes it clear that MKE is in Milwaukee

Release claim to Chicago’s Third Airport

General Mitchell lost his rank in his Court Martial

MILWAUKEE — The Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors officially renamed the airport, to be more reflective of its geographical location. The name since 1986 has been General Mitchell International Airport. To make sure that passengers know where the airport really is, the Board dropped “General” from its name and added “Milwaukee”. Now, MKE will be called Milwaukee Mitchell International Airport.

The name change raises an interesting question. General Mitchell International Airport spent marketing dollars over 10 years to claim the moniker— “Chicago’s Third Airport”.So valuable was this claimed trade mark that Barry Bateman, airport director sent a cease-and-desist letter was sent to Illinois officials demanding they stop using that phrase for the proposed Peotone airport.”We use that phrase because we’re trying to make a point with people in Chicago,” Bateman said. “After O’Hare and Midway, we our Chicago’s third airport, based on historic usage of the airport and fact. We want to continue to use that moniker.”


Milwaukee, WI

Status: Inactive

Registration: Oct 5, 2000

State ID:78029322

Status:604 – Abandoned – after inter-partes decision

Status date: Oct 21, 2005

Illustration: Typeset: Word(s)/letter(s)/number(s)

Attorney: Cynthia B. Stevens, Esq
225 West Wacker Drive Suite 3000, Chicago, IL 60606

Employee: Jennifer Marie Krisp

Goods & Services:”airport”, Airport passenger check-in services, management of airport operations, passenger transportation and services, Aircraft repair and maintenance services, Airport services for passengers, air …

Owner:Milwaukee County, 5300 South Howell Concourse C, Milwaukee, WI 53207

The airport in the North West corner of Indiana has included the MKE moniker in its full title– Gary Chicago International Airport GYY Chicago’s Third Airport

As the below Wikipedia brief history makes clear, the deletion of GENERAL from the title is not an inconsequential alteration. A court martial unjustly stripped General Mitchell of his title and it was not until President Roosevelt reinstated his rank after the Major General died.

William Lendrum Mitchell (December 29, 1879 – February 19, 1936) was a United States Army general who is regarded as the father of the United States Air Force.

Mitchell served in France during World War I and, by the conflict’s end, commanded all American air combat units in that country. After the war, he was appointed deputy director of the Air Service and began advocating increased investment in air power, believing that this would prove vital in future wars. He argued particularly for the ability of bombers to sink battleships and organized a series of bombing runs against stationary ships designed to test the idea.

He antagonized many administrative leaders of the Army with his arguments and criticism and, in 1925, was returned from appointment as a brigadier general to his permanent rank of colonel due to his insubordination. Later that year, he was court-martialed for insubordination after accusing Army and Navy leaders of an “almost treasonable administration of the national defense” or investing in battleships instead of aircraft carriers. He resigned from the service shortly afterward.

Mitchell received many honors following his death, including a commission by President Franklin D. Roosevelt as a major general. He is also the only individual for whom an American military aircraft design, the North American B-25 Mitchell, is named.











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