Local Airport Problems are Allowed to be Solved There and not in Washington

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ARTICLE: Airports get creative to combat threat of bird strikes

040913aAviation and birds are on an increasing collision course with the number of reported collisions reaching 11,590 last year as compared to the 6,769 in 2002. The economic measure from these dangerous incidents average $600 million a year, according to FAA and the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

This article does a great job of chronicling the wide diversity of tactics being employed by local airports and state authorities to deal with these problems in as safe and humane methods as good judgment allows. What is remarkable is that the answers are not coming from within the Beltway, but from the people who are closest to the problem. Considerable credit is due to the FAA Washington’s airport staff, who had the good judgment to devolve the discretion to the field.

In among that detailed, excellent USAToday report is this wonderful picture of nature at work – another aviation professional enhancing safety.


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