Joby Aviation and the GREAT eVTOL Race

the GREAT eVTOL race
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eVTOLs next great thing in Aviation $4.2B by ’33

Many companies investing in these aerial vehicles

JOBY hits two major milestones in this Race

The addition of AAM, UAM and/or eVTOL aircraft to the global aviation system can be described as the most innovative, disruptive and potentially lucrative since the Dayton bicycle guys completed their TC tests on Kitty Hawk!!! Below are two notes about Joby Aviation’s recent FAA milestone and new USMC contract. Read them and draw your own opinions.

Here is one assessment of the leaders:

      1. Joby Aviation
      2. Volcopter
      3. EHang
      4. Vertical Aerospace
      5. Urban Aeronautics
      6. Flying Whales
      7. Lilium
      8. Sabrewing
      9. Beta Technologies

Here’s their opinion of the likely winners:

Who Will Win the eVTOL Race?

“You probably noticed plenty of potential launch dates in this list of eVTOL companies. Based on these, the “winners” of the race could be EHang, Joby, or Volocopter.

But, it’s worth noting that not all companies are competing for the same spot, and likely won’t all be certified in the same countries. For example, EHang may find it harder to get certified in Europe and the US than Joby or Volocopter.

As such, it’s probably not worth looking for a single winner. Instead, we should prepare ourselves for the coming explosion of eVTOL technology that’ll happen by the end of the 2020s.

If most entries on this list of eVTOL companies plan to launch by the mid-2020s, the end of the decade will be a completely different landscape from what it is now.”

Why all of the interest? MARKET forecast= $4.2M by 2033!!!

“The global eVTOL aircraft market forecast shall be $4,222.4 million by 2033, increasing from $458.0 million in 2025 at a healthy rate of 29.6%. The North America eVTOL aircraft market is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 31.1% by registering a revenue of $1,283.6 million, throughout the analysis period. Strategic collaborations among the market players along with the launching of advanced eVTOL aircraft services are expected to accelerate the North America eVTOL aircraft market growth.

eVTOL Aircraft Market Analysis:

eVTOL, electric vertical takeoff and landing, is a type of aircraft that uses electrical propulsion to takeoff, hover, and land vertically. They are designed for urban air mobility, cargo deliveries, and Military Surveillance.”

eVTOL market forecast

What company will be First to cross the FAA certification line?

certification finish line

Joby Agrees On Revised eVTOL Certification Basis With FAA

Certification Progress

Shareholder Letter Q2 2022

Joby s4

Joby Aviation. All maintained its momentum on type certification, signing a revised G-1 (Stage 4) with the Federal Aviation Administration (“FAA”). Under the revised “powered lift” framework, Joby now has nearly three-quarters of its Means of Compliance  (MOC)accepted plus three Area-Specific Certification Plans. The company formally applied for concurrent validation of its FAA type certification in the U.K

ops, manufacture and software

Joby Signs Expanded Contract with Department of Defense


By Jessica Reed | August 15, 2022S4

Joby Aviation has expanded an existing contract with the U.S. Department of Defense. The Marine Corps, Army, Navy, and Air Force will all test Joby’s eVTOL and explore use cases such as emergency medical response. The contract’s total potential value is now more than $75 million. (Photo: Joby Aviation)

Joby Aviation recently expanded its existing contract with the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD). The U.S. Marine Corps now joins the Army, Navy, and Air Force in testing and exploring applications for Joby’s electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft. The contract’s potential value increased by more than $45 million; its total potential value is now more than $75 million following the recent expansion. The company expects to launch its eVTOL in 2024 following type certification with the Federal Aviation Administration. Joby’s team has also applied formally for concurrent validation of its FAA type certification in the UK.

The Marine Corps will participate in government-directed flight tests and evaluate various use cases of Joby’s eVTOL, such as resupply, emergency medical response applications, and relocation of personnel. Joby’s defense partnerships provide the company with access to testing facilities and offset some research and development costs. The expanded contract with the DoD also offers early operational experience for government customers.

Joby became the first company developing an eVTOL aircraft to receive military airworthiness approval for its prototype vehicle in December 2020. The eVTOL developer also performed flight tests in collaboration with NASA in September 2021 to collect data on vehicle performance and noise levels.

Joby’s second pre-production prototype aircraft was awarded U.S. Air Force Airworthiness Approval and Special Airworthiness Certification from the FAA at the end of last year. The company announced in March 2022 that its team had completed its first Systems Review and Compliance Review and earned approval from the FAA.

Joby was awarded a Part 135 Air Carrier Certificate from the FAA in May, earlier than the company originally expected. This enabled Joby to start on-demand commercial operations with air taxis.

JoeBen Bevirt, CEO and founder of Joby Aviation, remarked on the expanded partnership with the U.S. DoD, saying, “As we work toward our goal of launching a passenger ridesharing service, we’re grateful for the support of our defense partners. This extension provides valuable support for our ongoing development efforts and allows our partners to see first-hand the potential for this aircraft in their future concept of operations.” 

 JoeBen Bevirt, CEO and founder of Joby Aviation



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