JDA Journal’s Top 3 Posts of the 1st Half of 2016

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JDA Journal’s Top 3

The aviation industry has been busy this first half of 2016 with NextGen, the UAS industry, international developments, and an infinite amount expansion that keeps the FAA busy. Below are the top 3 articles that you all have found the most interesting (ranked by number of clicks). Thank you for your support!



Top Article of 2016

 Aviation noise is being heard and objected to in higher volumes than in the past. It is hard to quantify the level of negative reactions in the metrics of engineering measurement, but the qualitative response is hard to ignore.
  • Where are the complaints being registered?
  • What do these cities have in common?
  • What can be gleaned from looking at these noise patterns?
  • What has Congress conjured up to address this situation?
  • What is the FAA doing?
  • What needs to be done?



#2 Article of 2016

jda journal
The passing of Dick Taylor should be mourned by all who are involved in aviation; for he was unusual, if not unique, in his mastery of all phases of our business— academic training, a pilot in WWII, an aircraft designer, a test pilot, a business executive, an able translator of airplane operations into effective regulations, a record-holding GA pilot, aviation honoree, a patron of aviation history and a great father/grandfather. Hopefully, there are other Dick Taylor’s out there who can emulate his exceptional achievements.



#3 Article of 2016

jda journal
Today in a joint teleconference, DoT Secretary Foxx and Deputy Administrator Whitaker announced an INTERIM FINAL rule on the registration of small Unmanned Aircraft. The internet pundits have been launching epithets at the federal government over this invasive action with conclusions that the rulemaking violated §336 of the FAA Modernization and Reform Act of 2012 (FMRA), the Administrative Procedure Act, the Constitution and the UN Human Rights Act. There might have been some allegations that DoT/FAA violated the Mann Act, but these aircraft must be unmanned. The pre-publication angst and negativity were immense.

What did the registration rule really do?



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