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After working at the FAA for more than 35 years and then as an aerospace consultant for the past 15 years, I have seen a great deal of change in the aerospace industry: Some good, some not so good. The one constant has been that positive changes have come about as a result of open and honest dialogue between the regulatory agencies, the operators, the OEMs and the MROs. With the Internet, we have more opportunities than ever for open dialogue. JDA Journal is an opportunity for a professional dialogue regarding the evolving issues that aviation professionals face every day.

Our team of professionals has worked for the FAA, NTSB, airlines, and in private industry. The team’s collective experience brings a breadth of knowledge to the table, and it should be no surprise that we do not always agree when it comes to the many issues that we face in the aerospace industry today. JDA Journal is an opportunity for members of the JDA team to express some of their insights on safety, certification & compliance, airspace analysis and obstruction evaluation, the environment, organizational relationships & management, and human factors. Their views will come from their experience as consultants and their careers in government and industry. I hope that their views generate ideas and new thoughts from you, and that this blog will initiate a dialogue that will help create more positive change in the aerospace industry.

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  1. Nice introduction to JDA and the scope of your efforts. In college we always knew that Joseph would do well and we shared his dream to avoid having to go into the butcher shop. Little did we know that sausage comes in many forms – legislation being a good example.
    Congratulations to the whole JDA team.

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