International Industry team develops Cradle-to-Grave SMS standard

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New SMS Standard Targets Global Supply Chains

Industry Group develops SMS to apply to OEMs, Operators and MROs

Should extend and enhance efficacy of SMS

Input from CAAs, operators amd MROs

Blockchain and SMS—another safety advance based on technology and data ? was the title pf a recent Journal post. Thanks to  the two years of effort by

the AeroSpace and Defense Industries Association of Europe (ASD),

Aerospace Industries Association of America (AIA),

Aerospace Industries Association of Brazil (AIAB),

the Aerospace Industries Association of Canada (AIAC)


the General Aviation Manufacturers Association (GAMA)

[Joint Industry Airworthiness Team]

the concept has taken a substantial step toward implementation of Safety Management Systems (SMS) from “cradle-to-grave”.








Representatives from these aviation manufacturing associations developed the International Industry Standard implementing a SMS in Design, Manufacturing and Maintenance Organizations. which will enable the global aviation industry to implement a SMS through the global supply chain, consistent with the International Civil Aviation Organization’s (ICAO) Annex 19 “Safety Management” standards and recommended practices.

“The global industry SMS Standard is an important tool to ensure consistent safety management systems across the global aeronautical industry which has supply chains that cross national borders. Industry collaboration has ensured a standard that fulfils the need of the global safety regulators and as such is a good example where industry standards can contribute to a performance-based safety regulatory regime” stated Vincent De Vroey, Civil Aviation Director at ASD.

The Joint Industry Airworthiness Team laid out the plan for developing this vertically integrated, global SMS standard in this PowerPoint presentation.

The Team recognizes that the world’s CAAs, FAA, EASA, UK CAA, Transport Canada and Agência Nacional de Aviação Civil will parse the document from their regulatory perspective. The Maintenance and Repair Organizations, not directly represented on the Joint Industry Airworthiness Team, will likely have their own comments, and the airlines of the world will certainly have significant input.

Great commendation to the Joint Industry Airworthiness Team for their extraordinary effort and work product. SMS is a data dependent system; the greater the volume of safety records that are included, the more reliable will be its identification of risks as well as the reliability of the remedial designs. This more comprehensive SMS scope will add to the quality of SMS.

By extending the data up and base down the Blockchain/supply chain, reliability will be enhanced. By being able to trace issues from cradle-to- grave, SMS will increase its ability to determine if the problem derived from manufacture or maintenance or operation or combination of all these points.


















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