Industry Initiative is Expedited Avenue to Enhaced Safety

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News Article: Boeing Chief Pilot: Training Must Transform to Maximize Full Pilot Potential

Mike Carriker, Boeing Test & Evaluation chief pilot for New Airplane Development, has proposed that industry should change the educational premise for pilot training from memorization of the multitude of facts and placing the emphasis on problem-solving or as he labeled it “competency-based training”. He properly analyzed the modern cockpit as an information rich environment with systems that provide the managers of the aircraft, the captain and the first officer, with all of the needed data. He correctly opined” “We must make use of modern technology and focus our training efforts on equipping pilots and technicians with the knowledge to make the right decisions for the best, most efficient global transportation system.”

Such insights and initiatives are an important element of advancing aviation safety. Boeing, Airbus and the airline industry have the human and financial resources to translate Captain Carriker’s vision into a reality. Their voluntary efforts can quickly convert this concept into a rational, syllabus, textbooks (probably EBooks!) and the computerized training systems needed. The same process under the Administrative Procedure Act and within the strictures of the federal budget would take decades.

Boeing, AIA, A4A and the Flight Safety Foundation should take Captain Carriker’s proposal and deliver a new training regime. The FAA and other CAAs can then adopt the industry consensus as new rules.

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