Industry Gains a Knowledgeable Advocate who Understands the FAA’s Processes

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ARTICLE: NATA Welcomes Former FAA Deputy Director of Flight Standards Service John McGraw


Congratulations to NATA and Tom Hendricks for adding John McGraw to his executive team. He’s a great addition. Why?

Washington is a very strange place. An association executive can get great press coverage with a sharply worded press release finding fault with the government. Such publicity also generates membership dues because pilots, mechanics, operators and others frequently harbor the same negative sentiments as expressed by the industry leader.

Those same nasty pronouncements arrive at the FAA and the response is not as positive; in fact, the person quoted in the article receives diminished status inside of 800 Independence Avenue. Yes, the individuals criticized should/will let the criticism roll off his/her back, but she/he will not entirely forget.

John McGraw’s experience in the Army and the FAA provide strong credibility within the FAA organization. The real benefit will be his ability to put some of the internal decisions in context. For example, John will be able to explain to his fellow NATA executives and most importantly, the association’s members, why the FAA cannot issue a much awaited Final Rule by the published due date. The obligatory NATA press release will note the frustration about the delay, but will also implicate the long list of Congressionally mandated completion dates as interfering with the work of the relevant FAA offices.

The aviation industry has gained an able and respected advocate. Welcome, John.

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