IFALPA’s new website contributes to Global Aviation Safety

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New IFALPA Website Strengthens the Global Voice of Pilots

Provides accessible, useful safety information

SMS among the issues addressed

International Advocacy Reach advances Safety  around the globe

The International Federation of Airline Pilot’s Associations (IFALPA), celebrating its 70th anniversary has reformulated its website. That announcement brought to our attention the work that the Federation is doing in the safety arena.

In recognition of these landmarks, Captain Ron Abel, IFALPA President, issued the following statement




















Perhaps more relevant to this post is the associations’ explanation of its mission:

The International Federation of Air Line Pilots Associations (IFALPA) is an international federation composed of 100 separate national associations of commercial airline pilots. In the aggregate, IFALPA represents the pilots employed by most of the major airlines around the world. IFALPA has had recognized observer status at ICAO since 1948 and permanent observer status to the Air Navigation Commission since 1960. In this capacity the Federation has participated in the development of virtually all ICAO technical rules and standards and has played an integral role in the creation of the safest transportation system in the world. It is essential that any regulatory changes proposed at this Conference do not have the effect of reducing the level of safety in the system.

The website well presents IFALPA’s safety efforts organized under its Standing Committees:

Accident Analysis & Prevention, Aircraft Design & Operation, Aerodrome & Ground Environment ,Air Traffic Services , Dangerous Goods, Helicopter and Human Performance are poised to provide the substantive insight which their profession brings to an airplane. IFALPA offers both technical papers (for example: Access to CVR Data for Maintenance Purposes , Competency based on training and assessment  and PEDs as Checked Baggage) and professional development courses (i.e. Runway Safety Team Coordinator, Human Factors in Aviation Safety).

By being a global advocacy group, IFALPA is an effective disseminator of advanced safety standards. It has been a staunch supporter of SMS. Bringing the value of a data-driven, preventative, risk analytical tool, the Federation leverages its international membership to advance aviation safety.

The activity of this group in CAST shows the dedication of the union to the cause of reducing risk.

As explained in the press release,

IFALPA’s messages are more accessible than ever. The tireless work of IFALPA volunteers and subject matter experts yields crucial reports that have, and will continue to, change the face of aviation safety worldwide. Please visit and explore ifalpa.org. A better website means a stronger Global Voice of Pilots!



















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