IATA: Sustainable Aviation Requires Government Cooperation

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NEWS ARTICLE: CEO Tony Tyler cites four areas where policy efforts are needed to ensure aviation’s financial sustainability

IATA’s Tony Tyler speech, delivered at a recent ICAO seminar, conveyed several messages, one most clear and some articulated in diplomatic code. Let’s focus on the most prominent, urgent issue raised.

His most important point is that the EU’s ETS rule is “unsustainable” in an economic sense and impractical on both geopolitical and environmental levels. Mr. Tyler points the combatants (he predicts a trade war) to resolve their differences in the ICAO process. Hopefully, Mr. Tyler ( a British National) is signaling that the European members of IATA have made it clear to home governments that the EU’s rules are indefensible. If that link has been made, there is hope that the EU Member nations will work with ICAO to design a workable global rule. We share his speech’s positive view of aviation (“Air transport is a force for good.”), but we fear that the Green Party dominated EC does not instruct its representatives to these talks to do anything but demand that their ETS regime be accepted by the rest of the world.

Mr. Tyler also speaks to ATC modernization (agreed), “effective regulation of monopoly suppliers” (?), no more taxation of aviation (agreed) and “resisting the urge to micro manage competition” (?). Those are policy questions, which in their application at the national level, may not have such global consensus. As to the EU ETS, the industry appears ready to try to reach a better solution than the myopic one brought to the world by the EUreaucrats.

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