IATA Hires an Exceptional Counsel and an Even Better Human Being

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PRESS RELEASE: Jeffrey N. Shane appointed IATA General Counsel


With the massive flow of news over the internet, somehow the story that Jeff Shane was named, several months ago, the General Counsel of the International Air Transport Association was missed. That announcement is truly major good news for global aviation; for few people bring Jeff’s knowledge of and insights into the laws that pervade the movement of people and cargo by air around the globe.

Jeff’s career has included all of the major areas of aviation law—public and private sectors—and in each assignment, Jeff’s intelligence, wisdom, equanimity and prescience have been salient marks of his tenure. His achievements in the public sector, particularly his creation and negotiation of Open Skies, are best known because the work was so visible. His private sage counsel is equally valued by the legal community with whom he worked and the clients to whom he shared such expertise. His smile, wit, caring and bonhomme nature make him even more distinguished.

IATA will be in the forefront of further globalization; having Counselor Shane in their first chair will insure that the organization’s strategic leadership is on the mark.

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