IATA and EASA issue Training Guidance for “Upset Prevention Recovery Training”—that’s great

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A number of recent pronouncements by significant safety professionals have raised the question of pilots’ ability to manage the complex technology of the cockpit and to respond when something unexpected happens. The International Air Transportation Association and the European Aviation Safety Agency have issued a curriculum that the airlines should use to train their crews in techniques which should address this deficiency.

The IATA Training task force was assigned to develop techniques to address upset prevention and recovery training” (UPRT) requirements. The new detailed training guidance is intended to prepare the pilots to respond to unexpected events which serially may result in a loss of control.

The EASA regulatory directive requires that the European carriers implement these programs on the highest expedition, but no later than May 2016.  Hopefully the airlines there, in the United States and around the world will make sure that every pilot in their employ gets this upgrade of her/his skills soon.

ARTICLE: EASA, IATA move to reduce risk of loss of control accidents

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  1. The FAA also issued an AC on UPRT in April.

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