An Honor Well Earned by a leader in Airworthiness

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Whittle Safety Award 2019 Given to Professor John Bristow

Airworthiness gets recognition 

International Federation of Airworthiness gives an award

Prof John Bristow receives 2019 International Whittle Safety Award

Airworthiness is an arcane, but incredibly important subject. The work is frequently done in the obscurity of aerospace companies, the anonymity of government service and the halls of academia. This is an award for excellence in this profession is presented by an association which promotes this discipline. The 2019 recipient has an exemplary record in industry, civil service and universities. CONGRATULATIONS!!!

“The International Federation of Airworthiness (IFA)[1] has announced the winner of its 2019 International Whittle Safety Award, which recognises[2] and celebrates individuals that have made an outstanding contribution to aviation safety.  The award celebrates individuals from around the world that have demonstrated, to the satisfaction of IFA members, a significant achievement and commitment to airworthiness.

John Vincent, FRAeS, Chief Executive of the IFA, congratulated the winner Prof John Bristow: “Airworthiness is fundamental to the safety of aviation.  It’s a great pleasure to offer the International Whittle Safety Award[3], now in its 21st year, to Prof John Bristow at Cranfield University.”


John Bristow’s long history of work on aircraft structural design, from industry and regulatory perspectives has helped shape current thinking and inspired those who advance technology.

Prof John Bristow: “In recognition of John’s contribution to airworthiness over a long-distinguished career. His dedication to applying methods and research on damage tolerance, composite materials and ageing structural integrity has shaped certification.  John’s contribution to higher education, sharing knowledge and expertise is exceptional.  He’s a leading figure in certification and continued airworthiness.”

The award ceremony took place in Mitchell Hall at Cranfield University campus on Thursday evening during a course dinner for their Safety Assessment of Aircraft Systems short course. Simon Place, Senior Lecturer, School of Aerospace, Transport and Manufacturing hosted the event.  He spoke of his appreciation for John Bristow’s contribution to the work of the University.”


His impressive curriculum vitae confirms that he merited the Sir Frank Whittle Award–


[1] The International Federation of Airworthiness (IFA) is a Non Governmental Organisation (NGO) dedicated to improving aviation safety by increasing international communication, awareness and cooperation on all airworthiness issues and particularly that of continuing airworthiness.

[2] The article is written in English English, not American. That accounts for the spelling

[3] IFA established the IFA Whittle Safety Award to honour the global aerospace community’s most outstanding achievements in the field of air safety.It can be awarded for a single outstanding contribution or achievement, a major technical innovation, long and valued service, or for work that will further advance the safety of aircraft.

[4] Sir Frank Whittle was an English aviation engineer and pilot. He is regarded as the father of modern jet propulsion systems and recognised as a co-inventor of the jet engine. The modern turbojet engine used in many aircraft is based on the concept that he invented. The jet engine has advanced aviation to where it is today and as such IFA was pleased to recognise Sir Frank Whittles contribution to the development of aviation and named their annual Safety Award in his honour.




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