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hondajet 420
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The HondaJet 420

About 6 months ago, HondaJet achieved a major regulatory milestone; the FAA awarded the Hillsboro, NC company a Part 23 Type Certificate. That document was proof that its proposed HA-420 met the airworthiness standards. While that was great, it was only one of three regulatory clearances needed to fly this new bird.

hondajet 420

The next authorization, a Production Certificate, is issued upon the applicant’s demonstration that the company can replicate the design as defined in the TC. That’s what the folks in Greensboro received from the FAA recently. The manufacturing, QA&QC procedures and related techniques work at a high level of quality and safety.

hondajet 420

That’s 2/3rds of the way to being able to roll the plane out of the show room and onto the runway.

hondajet 420

The last document is labeled an Airworthiness Certificate. It signifies that an individual aircraft complies with all of the design requirements. The good news is that usually this last quality/certification step is performed by a Designated Airworthiness Representative, typically a highly qualified expert whom the FAA has determined qualified to make such findings.

hondajet 420

At this point the proud owner of a HondaJet 420 can prove that he/she made the best buy by flying the plane and showing that these “superior” comparisons are valid.

hondajet 420


Maximum Cruise Speed @ FL300
422 KTAS

Maximum Cruise Altitude

Rate of Climb
3990 ft / min

NBAA IFR Range (4 occupants)
1223 nm

Takeoff distance
<4000 ft

Landing distance
<3050 ft


Manufacturer / Model
GE Honda / HF120

Output (Uninstalled Thrust)
2050 lbf each
derated from 2095 lbf each

Bypass ratio

Exterior Dimensions

42.62 ft [12.99m]

Wing Span
39.76 ft [12.12m]

14.90 ft [4.54 m]

Interior Dimensions

17.80 ft [5.43 m]

5.00 ft [1.52 m]

4.83 ft [1.47 m]

Baggage Space

Combined stowage
66 cubic ft

Aft compartment
57 cubic ft

Nose compartment
9 cubic ft


Typical configuration
1 crew + 5 pax (2 crew + 4 pax)

Alternative configuration
1 crew + 6 pax (2 crew + 5 pax)


As the pilot points the new plane towards its destination, the entertainment system can play this apt anthem by the Beach Boys:


ARTICLE: Honda Aircraft Achieves HondaJet Production Certificate
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