Great stories about Aviation doing Good

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It’s good for aviation professionals to know what good aviation is doing. The below two links are positive information for everyone to know and to mention in an interview with the press and/or daily social conversations.

The first story tells of Delta employees and Charlotte USO who created a special experience for a group of kids who deserve such attention. The “first class” passengers were all young people who had lost a close relative in combat. Special treatment included receiving tickets to the North Pole, being ushered through security (probably a frequent flier #1 gift on wish list), being cheered by a corridor of Holiday clad employees (Ms. Claus pictured above) and boarding all in the preferred Group 1, in front of the million milers. The trip to the North Pole was magically accomplished by taxiing around the airport (RNP best routing?).

The trail of good-through-aviation moves to Chicago where United flight and ground crews plus retirees helped the Starlight Children’s Foundation bring a little cheer to kids with serious, life threatening or chronic conditions. The preparations included decorations, costumes and food. They raised funds for the fuel needed for the half hour flight to the North Pole.nopole

Their impact was best measured by this quote:

“Five-year-old Mia Gurevitz, who’s battling a brain tumor, made a wish not just for herself but for ‘a million sno cones and for all of my friends and me to be cured.’”

Great stories we should share. If there are others, please put a link in the comments section below.

Remember there is no l in aviation!

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  1. What things are you doing for the community over the Holidays? here’s another example; it would be great to hear more!

  2. Another example– this one about pilots-

  3. GA plays Santa, too–

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