Good News from United about Improved Animal Handling at ORD

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ARTICLE: United Offers First-Class Care for Animals at Chicago O’Hare


The carriage of live animals on aircraft is a difficult integration of precious animals into space ordinarily occupied by inanimate cargo. As noted before, the decision to entrust your pet to the carriers should be carefully considered.

The announcement by United that it has upgraded its facilities at O’Hare to “exceptional accommodations and amenities,” is MOST encouraging. This handling is part of the airline’s “PetSafe” service. At the Chicago hub, there are 28 individual enclosures allowing different species to be handled in comfortable, well ventilated and temperature controlled areas. Finally, the “PetSafe” handling includes a fleet of vehicles designed for and assigned to transporting animals at this airport.

Ground handling and storage is but one element of the air transportation of living creatures. Hopefully, United’s additional investment and focus at O’Hare will result in additional attention to the carriage of animals inflight.

More animal friendly skies at United!

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