Global Young Aviation Professionals Program could Advance Aviation Safety

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ARTICLE: Aviation Heavyweights Join Forces on New Young Professionals Programme


The development of the future leaders of aviation is critical to the success around the world in the organization, regulation and operation of this complex industry. Increased exposure to how other regions, sectors and/or governments meet their missions will improve the knowledge of the participants in this joint ICAO, IATA and ACI young professionals program.

The value of this “rotational” education effort is directly proportional to the work experiences incorporated into this offering. As the representative of the Administrator ICAO Bureau of Administration and Services Director, Fang Liu said

“Through these assignments, which will cover a period of twelve months, the young professionals will be expected to further develop their knowledge and understanding of regulatory activities and the airline and airport industries. The young professionals we’re looking for will be expected to have the potential to participate in, and/or lead future activities undertaken by ICAO, IATA and ACI.”

The potential benefit to aviation safety, on a global basis, is great.

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