Flight Safety Foundation Releases Global Safety Information Project Report, Toolkits

global safety information project fsf
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Global Safety Information Project (GSIP)

Flight Safety Foundation Develops Safety Data Toolkits

flight safety foundationThe direction of global safety is to incorporate meta data to facilitate a preventative approach. ICAO should be commended for initiating this movement, but the Flight Safety Foundation (FSF) deserves kudos for developing the Global Safety Information Project (GSIP), a third party, independent analysis of the CAA’s collective actions. By synthesizing those best practices and creating toolkits, FSF is contributing to uniform implementation by the regulatory authorities.

Data can be a powerful tool, unless the submissions vary in the accuracy of the report. Big data detests small errors. Adding to the quality of the inputs expands the reliability of the data base and consequently increases it’s predictability.


global safety information project

What is GSIP?

GSIP is the Global Safety Information Project. Everyone is collecting and analyzing data to improve operations, inefficiencies and safety. Those in the aviation industry are no exception. Examining your data is more routine and GSIP is designed to help the aviation industry harness this information and make the safest mode of transportation even safer. GSIP consists of three main work streams.

safety data analysis tools1. Assessing the data collection, processing, sharing and protections already underway

2. Conducting workshops to share the concepts of effective risk management processes

3. Developing toolkits that describe the best practices around safety risk management

This year, Flight Safety Founation is planning to go into more detail with the toolkits we have been working on.  We would like to have members and past GSIP participants help us describe what works best in their own organizations and when they work with other stakeholders.

To recap our efforts so far, in 2015, the project’s first year, we conducted focus groups in 12 cities across the Pan America and Asia Pacific regions to collect information. We used what we learned during the focus groups to begin drafting a toolkit and to plan a series of 13 workshops, which were held in 2016. At the workshops, held in many of same cities as the focus groups, we discussed the scope of our toolkit content and took more feedback.

The toolkits will include methods for getting the most from safety data collection and analysis processes. The feedback from the workshops will be important in building the final version of the toolkits.

Flight Safety Foundation Releases Global Safety Information Project Report, Toolkits
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