GAMA workshop draws positive indications about Europe and their CS/Part 23 progress

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There is immense potential for GA aircraft development. There have been initiatives, which raised hopes that the regulatory maze will be reduced, only to hear news of discouraging delays by the FAA. GAMA, as noted in the below link, drew positive reviews from the Europeans.

The manufacturers have asserted that some of that upside is limited by the time and cost devoted to the regulatory review. GAMA, the FAA and the industry addressed that issue with the ARC on small aircraft. That effort resulted in both a detailed committee recommendation and Small Aircraft Revitalization Act. All of that progress has hit the FAA internal review process and a statement, perhaps better characterized as a confession, was made that the revised Part 23 NPRM will not be issued until two years past the statutory deadline. The frustration by GAMA and others was well articulated.

GAMA and ASTM International held a workshop, “Shaping the Future of General Aviation Products in Europe.” There Filip Cornelis, head of the Air Safety Unit of the European Commission, and Yves Morier, newly appointed head of General Aviation of EASA were heard to say encouraging words which suggested that Europe will be more open to General Aviation development. While “CS/Part-23 Reorganisation” was mentioned, no deadlines on the new rules were quoted in the Press Release.

Recent news indicated that EASA was working with one manufacturer to test the new regulatory regime on an aircraft design certification application. That is a most promising approach and evidences real progress.

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