GAMA says that the ADS-B costs are dropping! Good news?

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The deadline to install Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) has been one of the more visible, if not controversial, elements of NextGen. No one doubts its safety potential, but many representatives of General Aviation question the equipment’s cost and its return on that investment. GAMA has issued a press release noting that the equipage is moving on.

The positive aspects of GA pilots’ reaction to the ADS-B proposal were assessed by an MIT survey. AOPA takes the position that this instrument is not necessary for most of its members’ flights. Congress has heard these pleas against the 2020 deadline and one of the major arguments posed there was that in order to bring the unit costs down, many will have to be sold  between now and the implementation deadline. Another useful addition to this dialogue is a series of seminars and a book, “Straight Talk Book”, offered by Duncan Aviation, elucidating the real costs and values of this system proposal.

Now GAMA voices its views as expressed by its President and CEO Pete Bunce:

“This significant milestone shows that thousands of U.S. aircraft are already experiencing the many benefits that ADS-B equipage offers, including enhanced surveillance, especially at lower altitudes, better situational awareness, and free in-cockpit weather and trafficWith over a dozen products on the market and more on the way, the cost of equipment has dropped and operators have a choice of cost-effective solutions that meet the FAA’s mandate.

“ADS-B will be particularly important for general aviation operators as the FAA fully integrates Unmanned Aerial Systems into the National Airspace System, introducing thousands of UAS into a crowded airspaceBy choosing to equip now, operators are investing in their safety; they are also ensuring they meet the 2020 deadline before installation lines grow long. We are very pleased with the positive growth in equipage, and manufacturers will continue to work with the FAA and operators to facilitate equipage as the 2020 deadline approaches.”

Yes, his members have a vested interest in the sales of the ADS-B units, but their knowledge of the costs and benefits are a lot closer to reality than many of the pundits. Most importantly GAMA’s report of a deescalating price tag is real market intelligence.

Hopefully this sort of statement will encourage greater acceptance of, if not at least interest in, this NextGen component.

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