GAMA adds ASTM expertise to its team

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New Part 23 shifts from Prescription to Performance

ASTM is a source for Engineering Criteria

GAMA hires talent from the Standard setting organization 

A lot of the praise for the new Part 23 focused on the shift from prescriptive rules to those seeking performance standards. Not as visible but perhaps almost as important was the inclusion of ASTM in making judgments for those engineering standards. Here are some posts on the involvement of this highly esteemed organization.

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Not surprisingly, GAMA reached into the halls of this Pennsylvania organization and hired Christine DeJong to help its members understand its processes and policies.

GAMA Welcomes Christine DeJong as Director of Global Innovation and Policy

Washington, DC—The General Aviation Manufacturers Association (GAMA) announced today that Christine DeJong has joined the association as its Director of Global Innovation and Policy.

Christine brings over 13 years of experience in standards and business development at ASTM International where she managed the aviation and aerospace portfolio, which included general aviation aircraft, aircraft systems and unmanned aircraft systems. Her responsibilities included monitoring industry trends, exploring and launching new standards activities and related programs, establishing partnerships, and providing guidance regarding how standards can solve common challenges to bringing new products to market and support workforce development. Her connectivity to innovation initiatives at ASTM included the launch of ASTM’s Additive Manufacturing Center of Excellence and the Autonomy in Aviation cross-sector committee.

“Christine’s vast experience at ASTM International will be of immense value to GAMA member companies as our scope of work expands into areas such as electric and hybrid propulsion, increased automation and supersonic,” said GAMA President and CEO Pete Bunce. “We look forward to utilizing her extensive expertise in global aviation standards and development to help the GAMA membership bring new innovations to market more rapidly, and ensuring those standards keep pace with rapidly evolving and transformative technology.”

A native of New Jersey, Christine holds Bachelor of Arts degrees in Law and Justice and Spanish from Rowan University and a master’s certificate in Translation from La Salle University. Christine is training to attain her private pilot’s license.





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