Fear the Flying Turtle—Innovation is Doing Well Among the Future Aeronautical Engineers

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ARTICLE: Clark School Team Unofficially Satisfies Two Sikorsky Prize Requirements


The aviation industry is said to have achieved maturity and the nattering nabobs of negativism forecast a decline in this business. To the contrary naysayers! Consider THE news that a team of aeronautical engineers from the University of Maryland’s A. James Clark School of Engineering has unofficially satisfied two of the three American Helicopter Society Sikorsky Prize competition requirements. With a human-powered flight that unofficially lasted 65 seconds, stayed within a 10 square meter area and hovered at two feet of altitude, this flight also establishes new unofficial U.S. and world flight duration records.

There is creativity, innovation and interest out there among the students, who will constitute the next generation of aviation professionals.

Congratulations University of Maryland. Watch as this committed group of students meet the remaining set of the AHS’ criteria.

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