FAA Veteran will aid AIA in its Advocacy Capacity on Aircraft Certification

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ARTICLE: Bahrami Named Vice President of Civil Aviation


Having recently recognized the value to trade associations of individuals who have excelled as a regulator, it is not surprising to read the linked announcement from the Aerospace Industries Association that Ali Bahrami is leaving the Aircraft Certification organization to become Vice President of Civil Aviation for that private group. It is, however, unfortunate that the government is losing someone with thirty years of experience in the arcane world of aircraft engineering. There is depth within that organization, but such talent is hard to replace.

Mr. Bahrami has been heavily involved in a number of recent important projects—providing executive direction to the exciting Part 23 revision, the B-787 lithium ion battery exercise. His work so excelled that an outside organization, A4A, recognized him with their Nuts and Bolts Award for Exceptional Service in Airline Engineering or Maintenance.

Congratulations to AIA’s President and CEO Marion C. Blakey for a wise choice and to Mr. Bahrami for his new challenge.

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