These FAA Cabin Safety Videos should go Viral

faa cabin safety video
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Passengers frequently do not give the attention to the flight attendants when they make their critically important safety announcements. Your distracted, getting settled, nervous, dealing with kids or “heard it a thousand times” are the common refrains; so getting the message, particularly new information, from different sources is a great benefit for the traveling public. A local Oklahoma City TV station produced two news items providing some expert advice for folks intending to travel by air.

In that OK city, the FAA has a major safety research institute including an office, which researches how cabin exits during emergencies. Cynthia McLean of that FAA Cabin Safety Research organization participated in these TV news items. The message is additive to that which you ordinarily see/hear/read once onboard.

The images and circumstances depicted in these videos are more realistic and perhaps more daunting than the content provided by the airlines. That’s not entirely unexpected since your carrier does not want to unduly worry you just before you depart. Frankly, making someone more nervous is not a good predicate to calm thinking if a real emergency occurs.

Thanks to News 9, KWTV and Cynthia McLean, FAA Cabin Safety Research for these important insights. Safety professionals should share this content with local media.


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