EU’s ETS is myopic and parochial

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ARTICLE: Bolen: EU-ETS ‘Wrong-headed’ Approach


Ed Bolen, CEO and President of the National Business Association, presented an excellent case as to why the EU’s Emissions Trading System is ill considered. His initial point is that aviation, particularly in comparison to other industries, has significantly improved its environmental footprint. Noting that most aircraft can and do move freely around the world, both because the equipment is designed to do so and because international agreements enable such flights, he urged that the EU move its parochial goals to the right forum. ICAO, created the Chicago Convention and to which all of the EU countries are members, is THE authority with legal and technical competence to design a global solution. The EU’s myopic approach really does not solve anything: pollution moves in the air and while emitted in Africa, for example, can move to Europe.

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