Entry into China’s Attractive Aviation Market may be well served by a Wise Guide

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ARTICLE: Aviation: Business of business travel booming in China, India and other emerging countries


Unequalled expanses of geography, economic development distributed broadly within the country’s boundaries, surface transportation (which is at best challenging and unreliable), and scheduled air service that does not adhere to schedules constitute an open demand for safe, consistent business aircraft charter services. All of those factors result in the following quote from this article:

Chinese business travel is forecast to increase nearly 17 per cent next year and China is set to overtake the US as the world’s top business travel market by then.

The market is there, but how can Western enterprise and operating expertise partake in the aviation opportunity known as China?

While you may know how to purchase aircraft, hire and train cockpit and cabin crews, price your services and meet your demanding customers’ expectations, you do not have the economic authority to fly within China. You have no clue how to approach the government and you probably know that China has a long history of being weary of foreigners trying to do business within their borders. The Great Wall of China is more than a physical wall; it is symbolic of the country’s willingness to accept companies from the outside. That said, the Chinese government recognizes that in order to reach its full potential, it may need help.

One way to enter this market is with a guide, someone who knows the rituals required to gain access to the necessary authority to operate within China. Someone comfortable with Western business practices. One option is the partnership between JDA and its Chinese expert, Group and Wang with offices in Washington, DC, Shenzhen and Guangzhou.

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