Drone Digest Of Recent Discussions & Developments

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This is Edition V of information of interest in the Drone/Aviation Safety/Regulation space. All sorts of developments which you may have missed and/or for which you might appreciate insights:


Must see TV – a House Hearing on UAS safetyUntitled1

An informative event which drone nation should attend



First iteration of the large UAS rules; more to comeikhanakingair2

One view of where the responsibility for bad flying lies

The FAA attempts to encourage complianceuas3

FAA misses its statutory deadline for issuing sUAS rulesThe FAA attempts to encourage compliance

FAA effort to enforce its rules

Student sues FAA to learn more about COAsFAA effort to enforce its rules



Interesting technology bringing new APPs to the UAS world2730712


Millions of drone sales = problems for FAA?

Information, especially current and credible information, will have great impact on your success and the UAS industry’s success. The UAS Digest tries to share what JDA has seen; please share anything which you have found and we have missed. More good intelligence is good. Thanks!

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