DoD Budget Cut of Pilots may help the Civil Pilot Shortage?

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ARTICLE: US Army Plans to Cut 3 of 13 Aviation Brigades by 2019


The long term impact of Sequestration may have a positive impact. For many years, retiring military pilots have created a pool of available, well trained cockpit crews. Recently, the Defense Department has designed bonuses or other incentives to retain their air personnel.

Soon after the issuance of the FY 2015 Obama Budget, the Pentagon announced that it plans to reduce the Army’s Combat Aviation Brigades by “three in the active component”. Personnel costs, which include more than pilots, constitute 46 percent of the Army’s service budget and as such, this cost center appears to be a likely continued focus of future cuts.

This is one, unexpected positive consequence for aviation from the Obama Administration. These surplused military pilots may be interested in civilian cockpit positions.

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