Dallas’ Bachman Lake birds run afoul of aviation safety-more

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Love Field officials want to make it illegal to feed the birds at Bachman Lake

Increased Incidents of Bird Strikes at Dallas Love Field

Nearby Lake = SOURCE?

Don’t feed the Birds = decrease

Aviation Cooperative Research Program has done an excellent job of curating a compendium of scientifically sound and extremely practical answers to keeping wildlife segregated from the airfield. The Dallas Park and Recreation Board is considering a new technique to add to the ACRP’s list.

The DAL Department of Aviation asked Parks and Recreation to establish regulations with penalties (up to $200) to individuals for feeding (bread crumbs and other snacks) to the meadowlarks, mallards, grackles, doves and other birds. The snacks to-be-prohibited at Bachman Lake, the body of water that runs along the west side of Dallas Love Field.

The basis for the “do not feed the bird” rule is justified by an increase in aviary collisions with airplanes- 2016- there were 18 strikes; 2017 the number was 180 with three aborted departures due to birds; and 2018 a Virgin America incident in which one of its engines was damaged by a pigeon (the plane made a precautionary landing).

A December,2017 budget decision by the Dallas City Council approved purchasing a Pharovision Wildlife Detection camera system. The tower air-traffic controllers can use to zoom in on the object five miles out. If it’s a flock of birds, the airport can warn pilots.


The sign, shown above, “Do Not Feed the Wildlife for Aviation Safety,” has been there for years. The recent trends suggest that the signs alone are not enough. The Parks and Recreation Board may be reluctant to add the fines.


Perhaps the FAA and DAL management should explain that the “Do Not Feed the Birds” proposal is actually the least intrusive to the wildlife and should be tested as the first option.





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