Creative path to aviation careers developed by private industry, state and academia

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Aviation safety thrives on a dedicated, well-trained workforce. Any cooperative venture which brings new personnel to maintain aircraft is a good thing.

AAR, Lake Superior College and Minnesota Job Skills Partnership (MJSP) created a partnership among a leading employer and exceptional aviation repair station, a local college with an academic record of training students for such tasks and a state to identify and support candidates. MSJP will fund the intake process to find people who would benefit from such training and create a “scholarship” for their education. Lake Superior will work with AAR to create a curriculum relevant for the maintenance positions.

That’s an uplifting triangle and it should fulfill a need for a qualified labor pool. Other aviation segments have needs for an influx of talent and they would be wise to emulate this formula.

ARTICLE: Lake Superior College Partners with AAR, and Minnesota Job Skills Partnership to Train Low-Income Residents for Aviation Maintenance Jobs

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