CONGRATULATIONS FAA for reaching ADS-B milestone!!!

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Final Airport ADS-B Systems Installed

Keystone to NextGen Completed within Budget and On Time


by FSF Editorial Staff | October 8, 2019

The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) says it has completed the “final implementation milestone” of its automatic dependent surveillance–broadcast (ADS-B) system, a component of the agency’s satellite-based navigation program.

The FAA said in a statement issued Monday that the last two airports to bring their ADS-B equipment online — Akron-Canton Airport and Mansfield Lahm Regional Airport, both in Ohio — began using the systems in September. The equipment is operational at a total of 155 U.S. airports.

“This brings the operational rollout of ADS-B baseline services to a  the date by which aircraft flying in certain, controlled airspace must be equipped with the technology,” the FAA said.

ADS-B is operational not only at airport air traffic control facilities but also at terminal radar approach control facilities, which handle air traffic around the country’s busiest airports, and at en route facilities, which handle traffic at high altitudes.

The satellite-based ADS-B system provides more accurate information to both controllers and pilots than traditional ground-based radar systems. ADS-B also makes possible more accurate tracking of aircraft and airport vehicles on runways and taxiways; improves surveillance of air traffic in mountainous areas, over water and in other areas with “geographic challenges,” the FAA said.

Aircraft owners have until Jan. 1 to equip their aircraft with ADS-B Out technology to be permitted to fly in certain controlled airspace.

ADS-B is a key element of the FAA’s Next Generation Air Transportation System (NextGen) —a sweeping modernization of the air transportation system that is replacing aging infrastructure with new technologies, such as satellite-based navigation.







NextGen’s promise created a lot of expectations. NextGen is the most complex and technologically challenging civil government contract program. It is composed of many interlocking, but separate programs involving satellites, computers, communications, software, equipage and installation. Integrating all of these tacks has been a major test and the criticism, both unjustified and justified, has flowed.

The announcement that the ADS-B system is in place and functioning is big news and there should be plaudits for this success. CONGRATULATIONS

Joseph M. Del Balzo, President of JDA Aviation Technology Solutions, commented on the dearth of reporting on this important aviation safety news:


Unfortunately, only the Flight Safety Foundation and Flying Magazine picked up the FAA press release. Where is the congratulations from proponents of ADS-B, like A4A.






The US DoT Inspector General has issued 16 reports finding faults with the FAA’s management of ADS-B. Did their press office fail to note that the FAA completed the Program? Would it be out of character for the IG to say something positive about the ADS-B?

The Washington Post was quick to repeat and publicize the criticisms of ADS-B, but the paper which abhors darkness has kept the ADS-B story in the dark.




We are pleased and proud to share the good news and to repeat our CONGRATULATIONS!!!”


















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