COINCIDENCE? Boeing and Southwest celebrate milestones

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Boeing celebrates its 10,000th 737 aircraft with a new record

How Southwest Airlines got it starts in a San Antonio bar

Two Contemporary Milestones 


Boeing & Southwest Airlines

These two articles were published about he same time; coincidence? Significant synchronism? Or just random events?

Definition and words of wisdom:

  1. Definition

A coincidence is a remarkable concurrence of events or circumstances which have no apparent causal connection with each other. The perception of remarkable coincidences may lead to supernatural, occult, or paranormal claims. Or it may lead to belief in fatalism, which is a doctrine that events will happen in the exact manner of a predetermined plan.

  1. Words of Wisdom
  • “Coincidence was a concept he did not entirely trust. As someone who had spent his life exploring the hidden interconnectivity of disparate emblems and ideologies, Langdon viewed the world as a web of profoundly intertwined histories and events. The connections may be invisible, he often preached to his symbology classes at Harvard, but they are always there, buried just beneath the surface.”
    Dan Brown, The Da Vinci Code
  • “It’s hard to believe in coincidence, but it’s even harder to believe in anything else.”
    John Green, Will Grayson, Will Grayson
  • “Coincidences mean you’re on the right path.”
    Simon Van Booy, Love Begins in Winter: Five Stories
  • “We do not create our destiny; we participate in its unfolding. Synchronicity works as a catalyst toward the working out of that destiny.”
    David Richo, The Power of Coincidence: How Life Shows Us What We Need to Know
  • “Coincidence is God’s way of being anonymous.”
    Laura Pedersen, Best Bet
  • “The probability of a certain set of circumstances coming together in a meaningful (or tragic) way is so low that it simply cannot be considered mere coincidence. ”
    C. King
  • “According to Jung, synchronicity is an unpredictable moment of meaningful coincidence” ― Megan McCafferty, Charmed Thirds

The story of the Boeing 737 begins in 1964 when the company’s primary products were the B-707 and the B-727. The goal was to design a shorter, lower-cost twin-engine jet 50- to 60-passenger airliner for routes 50 to 1,000 miles. Since then. The Seattle, now Chicago, aircraft manufacturer has sold 14,545 737s.  The Guinness recognized Boeing for the delivery of the 10,000th 737, a new MAX 8 model, to Southwest Airlines.

This plane was rather special as it helped the 737 set a new Guinness World Records title for the Most produced commercial jet aircraft model. “The speed at which Boeing achieved this new milestone is very impressive. We are excited to once again recognize the 737 and the important role it plays in commercial aviation,” Michael Empric, official adjudicator.

To put that into perspective, Boeing’s second best-selling plane, the wide-body 777, has received a little less than 2,000 orders. Here is the list of all of the models of the aircraft. Through iterations of the TC, the plane mission has grown in passenger capacity, range and fuel efficiency. Clearly the company understands how to adapt the aircraft.

The story of Southwest begins with a legendary dinner meeting about 50 years ago between Herb Kelleher and Rollin King . After several rounds of Wild Turkey, it is reputed that Herb used the used napkin to draw the Southwest initial route—Dallas (Love Field, LUV), San Antonio and Houston.

The initial strategy was high frequency, low fare flights and that basic discipline remains true today. One of the ways, in which Southwest was able to offer prices below competitors’, was to operate one aircraft type—the B-737. By so doing their maintenance and operating costs were well below the industry average.








The napkin has grown, Herb has retired, but the airline enters markets with high frequency and low fares.

The significant synchronicity? Both the B-737 and Southwest were born of a well-defined model/strategy and both knew when/how to adapt. It did not hurt that they both contemporaneously celebrated important milestones.

And, oh by the way, both companies have the among highest safety records in their segments of aviation.   


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