Civil Air Navigation Services Organisation and its Annual Global Safety Achievement Awards- impressive ATM gains around the globe

CANSO Annual Awards
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Civil Air Navigation Services Organisation’s

Annual Global Safety Achievement Award

International Audit Cooperating Team 
Air Traffic Management Division & Air Traffic Engineering Services Division, Civil Aviation Department Hong Kong
Roberts Flight Information Region

Before listing the CANSO Annual Global Safety Achievement Awards, a brief introduction to that global organization might be useful.

Civil Air Navigation Services Organisation (CANSO) is a trade association composed of

  • Companies that provide air traffic control (Associate members).
  • Governmental  Air Navigation Service Providers(ANSPs).
  • CANSO members are responsible for supporting over 85% of world air traffic.
  • through its workgroups, individuals share information and develop new policies, with the aim of improving air navigationservices on the ground and in the air.

CANSO also functions as an advocate for its members’ views in regulatory and industry forums, including at the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), where it has official Observer status.

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The organization has a significant mission and here are the association’s most prominent functions:CANSO functions








Though not listed, CANSO selects an annual winner, among its members for its Annual Global Safety Achievement Award. The candidates for this honor have been  judged against five key criteria: maturity (in operation, not just a concept or plan); proven, quantifiable benefits; extent of innovation; significance and broad application in ATM globally, not just a local, specific solution; and the extent of collaboration and partnership.

canso global safety achievement award

2020 IAA  Global Safety Achievement Award  for its pioneering approach to air traffic management (ATM) safety.

Aerion Alert IAA

IAA was recognized for its partnership with Aireon on the Aireon ALERT which provides vital support for search and rescue personnel. Aireon ALERT is the aviation industry’s first and only free global emergency aircraft location service, operated by the IAA. ANSPs, commercial aircraft operators/airlines, regulators and search and rescue organisations in need of crucial aircraft location data, rely on Aireon ALERT to help provide an ADS-B OUT 1090MHz equipped aircraft’s most recently known position. By operating this service, the IAA is filling a critical need, ensuring search and rescue personnel have the most accurate aircraft position data available when responding to an incident, regardless of global location.

IAA winner






2019  Ineco has won the Civil Air Navigation Services Organization’s Global Safety Achievement Award 2019 for developing a pioneering approach to addressing air traffic management (ATM) safety.

inecoTatiana Rueda, Technical Safety Manager and Miguel Capote, ATM Safety Expert at Ineco were recognised by CANSO for creating an inventive approach to integrating human factors into ATM safety assessments. Over the past two years, Ineco has developed a technique for addressing the human element in safety to make system design even better.

The award-winning initiative analysed and validated human factors methodologies and techniques not usually linked with safety studies, and extracted, simplified and integrated them into the safety assessment process. This ground-breaking project enhances the potential for improved safety performance across the entire aviation industry and is applicable to any transport sector.2019 ineco






2018 Samba Dabor, Safety Manager, Roberts Flight Information Region, Global Safety Achievement Award . He is recognized for establishing Roberts FIR’s first safety management system (SMS) in just three months.

Roberts FIRRoberts FIR is a cooperative venture between Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone to provide air navigation services for en-route flights in their combined airspace. Samba Dabor was appointed Safety Manager in May 2018 and began the development of Roberts FIR’s first SMS. In August, the organisation undertook a SMS review – part of the CANSO Africa ATM Safety Peer Review Initiative – and its new system attained a SMS Maturity Level C rating, according to the CANSO Standard of Excellence in Safety Management Systems. This indicates a significant level of maturity for a newly established system and a robust platform on which further progress could be developed.Roberts FIR award








2017 Air Traffic Management Division & Air Traffic Engineering Services Division, Civil Aviation Department Hong Kong Global Safety Achievement Award.

HK FIRThe winner was  nominated for commissioning a new air traffic management system in Hong Kong and enhancing air navigation safety and efficiency in the Hong Kong Flight Information Region (HKFIR).HKFIR award








2016 International Audit Cooperating Team (IntACT) wins  CANSO Global Safety Achievement Award

intactIn recognition of excellent work to improve aviation safety worldwide, CANSO commends the winner of the CANSO Global Safety Achievement Award; the International Audit Cooperating Team (IntACT).

IntACT is the international cooperation of air navigation service providers Administration de la Navigation Aérienne (ANA) Luxembourg, Belgocontrol, Deutsche Flugsicherung (DFS), Direction des Services de la Navigation Aérienne (DSNA), EUROCONTROL Maastricht Upper Area Control Centre (MUAC) and skyguide to assist each other in internal safety and security audits.

The CANSO Global Safety Award recognises the proactive and international approach the Functional Airspace Block Europe Central (FABEC) partners have demonstrated through their joint efforts to reduce aviation risk internationally.intact team






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