FAA certificates the Vision Jet with many innovations what if the regulations were as advanced

cirrus vision jet
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FAA Certificates the Cirrus Vision Jet

Could its safety advances have come earlier if the new Part 23 wasn’t delayed?

A new general aviation aircraft has been certificated by the FAA and that is great news. Innovation, which is the hallmark of Cirrus Aircraft, is found throughout this new plane, Cirrus Vision® Jet, the world’s first single engine Personal Jet. This announcement is special because this company has included new levels of safety. “The art of innovation is achieving elegance and simplicity while changing people’s lives,” said Patrick Waddick, President of Innovation and Operations.

While all of this is positive, the question of how much more quickly would these advances have been available IF the new Part 23 had not been delayed?

“What an amazing and impactful day for Cirrus Aircraft and the entire aviation and aerospace industry,” said Cirrus Aircraft co-founder, CEO and U.S. National Aviation Hall of Fame member Dale Klapmeier. “Just as the SR series of high-performance piston aircraft has forever changed aviation, the impact of the Vision Jet on personal and regional transportation is going to be even more profound. Never before has a turbine aircraft solution come along that rewrites the rules in so many ways – iconic design, ease of operation, smart economics, simplified ownership and more.”

What makes this single engine jet so exceptional? Ten years in development, including a change of ownership, results in the following operating specifications:

Crew: One

Capacity: Six passengers

Avionics: Cirrus Perspective Touch by Garmin (based on Garmin G3000)


cirrus vision jetThe safety features are described by Cirrus as its Perspective® Touch™ by Garmin® flight deck delivering  state-of-art, user friendly global navigation capabilities and other features which the pilot can use at the touch of a finger. Powering the Flight-Into-Known-Ice (FIKI) approved Vision Jet is a single, smart FADEC-controlled Williams International FJ33-5A turbofan engine. Though not new to the company, this will be the first jet equipped with the Cirrus Airframe Parachute System™ (CAPS™).

cirrus vision jet

From a consumer perspective, the Vision Jet is a new single-engine jet intended to serve the needs of the GA market. That’s evident because it is spacious, pilot and passenger-friendly cabin with expansive windows, reclining seats and comfortable legroom that can accommodate up to five adults and two children.

cirrus vision jet

Having read all of these additions to safety, the question arises if the Part 23 with its advanced procedures had been in effect two or three years ago, as some anticipated (hoped), would the Vision Jet have been brought to market earlier? Might the prospect of a more focused, less cumbersome certification avoided the sale of stock to Chinese owners? Whomever or whatever has contributed to the delay in issuance of this new, sophisticated regulatory regimen should consider these questions.

Some PhD candidate might consider as a thesis topic what would have been the difference in the Vision Jet’s timeline if the advanced certification regulations had been in effect earlier.


ARTICLE: Aircraft Vision Jet Achieves FAA Certification
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