Cirrus Aircraft Lands Financing For New Jet

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NEWS ARTICLE: New aircraft could be the industry’s first single-engine jet — a low-cost alternative to twin-engine models now on the market

It is always good for aviation to see new aircraft in the development process and when the initial application for Part 23 certification hits the desk in the Aircraft Certification Office there is genuine excitement within the FAA and throughout the industry. It is good news that Dale Klapmeier was able to secure new financing for the Cirrus Vision SF50, particularly when Piper, Diamond and Eclipse have experienced problems in their development progress.

What we have noticed in our work with the certification of small aircraft that these designers and manufacturers frequently are the source of tremendous innovation. While the Cirrus Airframe Parachute System is a cutting edge safety device, there is no immediate applicability to heavier aircraft. That said, there are many examples of the Part 23 aircraft advances that have been successfully adapted in the Part 25 context, such as the use of composites.

While it is not clear from the attached article, the fact that the finance source is China Aviation Industry General Aircraft Co. suggests that some of the fabrication of the SF50 may be accomplished in China. The bilateral aviation relations between the FAA and Civil Aviation Administration of China, while improving, might not support airworthiness determinations made by the CAAC, even as to the relatively less complex production issues. A third party surveillance of any Chinese work, such as that for which JDA is capable, may be needed to incorporate such work.

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