The Charles E. Taylor Award merits greater attention from the public

Charles Taylor Master Mechanic Award Program
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Charles Taylor Master Mechanic Award Program 

The Work of an AMT Does Not Receive Adequate Praise

Charles Taylor Master MechanicThe name, Wright Brothers, is known to all of the world (except Brazil where Alberto Santos-Dumont) for being the 1st to control a heavier-than-air plane in flight.

The name, Charles E. Taylor, does not receive the same level of approbation.

Why? Because like other mechanics, now AMTs, his work was not done in the public’s eye. His craft is not glamorous; the public is not smitten with the skill required to keep a powerplant operating, the structure sound, the fabric’s surface intact and the landing gear solid.

Taylor deserves even more credit than generally ascribed to him. He “made” the LT 200’ engine. Unlike most contemporary aviation machines, the Taylor engine was an internal combustion 4-cylinder gas machine which produced 8-10 horsepower. Taylor took a forged aluminum crankcase and handmade it. It was the first use of aluminum as an airplane powerplant.

The FAA sponsors an annual award named for Mr. Taylor and it is presented at the annual international Aerospace Maintenance Competition Presented by Snap-on at the MRO Americas conference. These past winners each received a gold-plated Snap-on wrench:

  • Staff Sgt. Dallas McLeod – U.S. Army Team Apache (2016)
  • Brandon Dubberly – Eastern Florida State College (2015)
  • Geoff Hyatt – Virgin Australia (2014)
  • Kevin Meredith – U.S. Air Force (2012)

Charles Taylor Master Mechanic Award Recipients

The godfather of annual international Aerospace Maintenance Competition, John Goglia, presented these inspirational wrenches.

As noted above, the work of an AMT does not receive adequate praise. This profession’s work involves long hours, demands superior skills, relies on the AMT’s knowledge of complex tasks and requires incredible attention to detail. The Charles E. Taylor Award should not just be an honor within the aviation industry, but should attract the attention of the general press!!!


Charles E. Taylor Professional AMT Award Recipients – Where Are They Now?
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  1. Sandy Ullrich | June 3, 2017 at 6:56 am | Reply

    Thank you for bringing awarness to the Charles Taylor story.

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