Celebrity Aviation News: one retro-forward (Sergey Brin) & one historic (John Travolta)

celebrity aviation news
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Celebrity Aviation

Advancing the Aviation Industry

When most people hear the words “celebrity” and “aviation,” the image of actors and actresses boarding a private jet will come to mind.

celebrity aviation private planes

These two celebrities are not just using aviation, they are advancing aircraft!!!

google sergey brin lighter than air aircraft

Google co-founder Sergey Brin has looked back at dirigible technology to build an airship of the future. Google has taken control of Hangar 2 at the NASA Ames Research Center. Brin identified alan weston nasa amesan expert for developing a new airship, Alan Weston, the former director of programs at NASA Ames and in that role, he become knowledgeable about Lighter-Than-Air aircraft (LTA). Weston granted an interview several years ago and described a hypothetical airship with hauling capacity of 500 tons and helium-based.

The advances in technology would support two uses:

  • as a cargo carrier which could operate anywhere and thus could deliver equipment and supplies to remote, inaccessible places around the globe, like this Lockheed version:

lockheed dirigible airship


  • as a luxurious aircraft like the Hindenburg.

hindenburg interior

According to sources, it is most likely that the Brin airship will be utilized as a humanitarian air truck bringing help to communities in desperate need.

The 600’ airship has been through several design iterations. What will make this new aircraft more innovative with the following developments:

  • more reliable powerplants,
  • the ability to rotate the thrust in multiple directions for greater control,
  • lighter/better structural materials,
  • new materials for the “hull,”
  • global capability to receive weather, and
  • infinitely more sophisticated avionics.

These elements will transform the old airship to a safer, more efficient, more flexible aircraft.

john travolta aviation

John Travolta is working to preserve history. He is donating a Qantas B-707 named Jett Clipper Ella to Australia’s Historical Aircraft Restoration Society (HARS). The aircraft was put into commercial service in 1964, but today it needs much restoration work which HARS will help perform.

historical restoration society harsThe future home to this B-707 is at HARS, near Sydney, Australia (Albion Park Rail is its precise address). It features aircraft which are available for flights, static displays, engines, cabins and flight decks.

The Travolta plane may require some grease to get ready for its future flight to its final home. It will be a major attraction. The donor is a commercially rated pilot, has flown for Qantas and is an ambassador for the Australian airline.

His donation will help future generations learn about the early jet age.

Not your average aviation celebrities!!!


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