Celebrating Women who have contributed to Aviation

Women's History Month
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March is Women’s History Month

Under Joe DelBalzo’s leadership, his Journal has highlighted Women in this business

This Post continues this tradition

Since 2014, under the leadership of Joe Del Balzo, the Journal has been identifying women who have made their marks in aviation.Joe Del Balzo

Here are a few of those posts:

President Carter signs WHM bill


In that tradition, in honor of Women’s History Month, here are some more recognition of women who have contributed to aviation:

The “Flying Feminist” Who Was the First Woman to Design, Build, and Fly Her Own Plane

Pioneering aviator Lilian Bland had built and flown her own plane before Amelia Earhart had even become a teenager. So why don’t more people know her name?


 Lilian Bland i


Six Women Pioneers Who Advanced Aviation

Harriet Quimby, First U.S. Woman With a Pilot’s ‘License’

Neta Snook Southern, Flight Instructor for Amelia Earhart 

Jacqueline Cochran, First Woman To Break the ‘Sound Barrier’

Ann Carl, First American Woman To Fly a Jet

Geraldine Mock, First Woman To Fly Solo Around the World

Bonnie Tiburzi Caputo, First Woman Pilot Hired by a Major U.S. Airline

Tiburzi Caputo

Women in aviation and space history

National Air and Space Museum visitors frequently ask, “Where are the women pilots?” The answer is that they are in nearly every gallery of the Museum. This guide will lead you to all the women (who are or have been included by name, artifact, or photograph) in the Museum’s exhibits. Women’s participation and contributions are noted from our Early Flight gallery (107) to Space Race (114), from the earliest female pioneers to racing pilots to the first female commercial pilots to women in space.

Although women have flown since 1908, nearly all of them were restricted to general aviation, i.e. private planes, or support jobs, (prior to the 1970s) and our exhibits reflect those historical roles. However, women have now gained full access to military and commercial cockpits, as well as the Space Shuttle and aerospace technology, and as we update old and create new exhibits, we will review and include the growing contributions of women throughout the Museum. Enjoy the tour.

NASM women in aviation

NASM women in aviation


The Journal will continue to identify these women in aviation, the numbers of who are expanding thanks to the efforts of Women in Aviation.

womein in aviation


                        [ picture does not mean to signify an individual’s membership in WIA.]





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