Safety Culture

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IAA’s Reliance on its Past Regulating is not Prologue to Surveilling Norwegian Air Shuttle’s Future

ARTICLE: Irish Authority Rebuffs Attacks on Its Safety Oversight Aside from the almost constant complaints about the Ryanair operations and the attendant questions whether it has been adequately scrutinized, the Irish Aviation Authority is defending…

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Academic Paper on Cockpit Mistakes points to Man-Avionics Design as possible Point of Error Inception

ARTICLE: Human Error the Greatest Threat to Aviation Safety Another academic discourse, Don Harris’ paper in the February 2014 issue of The Psychologist, the magazine of the British Psychological Society, suggests that the constant refrain of…

FAA Executive Announces Modified Approach to Enforcement

Director of Flight Standards John Allen’s announcement of a new approach to compliance is welcomed and appropriate. John told the Aircraft Charter Safety Foundation’s annual Air Charter Safety Symposium that he is “trying to change a culture within the Flight Standards Service.” Specifically, he intimated that the first tool of his 1,500 inspectors is not to open his ticket book and begin to violate a “problem.”