UK National Airport Decision—should the US follow? Your Response?

Imagine a New York Times headline which announces “FAA decides location of the NY/NJ/CT Airport for the future.” A national commission made the strategic decision of where the UK’s future airport capacity will be built. [Other countries prefer to follow the English view of centralized planning.] Is such a process better or worse than the US’ locally initiated/sponsored policy?

Cybersecurity Threat to Aircraft is being addressed by FAA and panel

Recent events, claims of hacking and an April, 2015 GAO report have highlighted the potential risks of an aircraft to cyberattacks. In response to those warnings the FAA convened a “private meeting” to address the security of these systems. Obviously the sensitivity of this issue is the reason for this non-public review (the group may be empowered by a federal advisory charter). What remains to be seen is the technical scope of their work.