Aviation Awards


Historic Contributor to Aviation Safety leaves a legacy of aeronautical engineering and so much more

An aerodynamics engineer created modifications that made different aircraft better Purdue, USAF, Boeing,Roberson Aircraft and Raisbeck Engineering Sabreliners, Learjets, B-707s, STOLs, King Airs, Airbus A320s and Boeing 727s He and his wife major charitable donations…

CANSO Annual Awards

Civil Air Navigation Services Organisation and its Annual Global Safety Achievement Awards- impressive ATM gains around the globe

Civil Air Navigation Services Organisation’s Annual Global Safety Achievement Award International Audit Cooperating Team  Air Traffic Management Division & Air Traffic Engineering Services Division, Civil Aviation Department Hong Kong Roberts Flight Information Region Ineco IAA…


Memorial Day Remembrance of Aviators

Memorial Day Remembrance of Aviators      Here are the  names of aviators who have received the Medal of Honor and who were awarded with  the Distinguished Flying Cross Medal of Honor recipients . General Jimmy…