Zoo in the Sky


Sea Turtle saved by aviation Green Turtle stops Narita, ANA A380 with green turtle delayed Pigs deployed to deter Geese at Schipol Aviation and wildlife, unfortunately, do not mix well. It’s refreshing to post a…

Reid-Hillview airport map and SJC demographic map

The Battle over Reid-Hillview closure-my statistics are better than your’s – Mark Twain’s and other quotes

Battle at Reid-Hillview Airport over CLOSURE Neighbors cite study citing health hazards RHV users cite data to contradict Aviation, specifically airports, is an attractive nuisance. These public utilities are economic engines with substantial direct and…

DEI aviation

Aviation needs to increase its workforce; underrepresented communities are great source for new professionals

FORECASTS for Pilots, mechanics and other aviation professionals = SHORTAGE STEM students appear to be deficient for future needs Several creative initiatives to find candidates from underserved communities It is axiomatic that there is a…