How Aviation had a Hand in Iceland’s vanquishing of England: Brexit of UEFA

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Brexit of UEFA

Gretar Sigfinnur SigurdarsonGretar Sigfinnur Sigurdarson paid Luxair £140,000 (US$186,557 converted today, but probably more at that date; the £ has plummeted recently; not due to soccer) to charter a B-737 to fly between Reykjavik and Nice. The round-trip flight facilitated Mr.Sigurdanson and friends attending the UEFA Iceland v. England “football” match. The team from the small island above the Arctic Circle upset the heavily favored English side.

Many pundits attempted to explain this incredible upset. Sigurdarson, a player himself, and his fellow passengers were part of a rabid section of Icelanders who energized their team with almost constant cheering. Those volcanic explosions’ from the crowd inspired their side, while the laconic British team did not seem as motivated.

One of the Icelandic synchronized celebrations seemed to brexit of uefahave roots in the country’s Nordic/Viking roots. The rhythmic clapping with extended arms “crescendo”ed through the stadium. After the three whistles by the referee signaled the victory the Ísland” side rushed to the corner where the blue & red clad fans engaged in a celebration described well here by the Irish Times:

“Iceland’s thunder-clap may fit the mould of an old Viking war cry – but it is in fact a celebration with Scottish roots. Inspired by the fans of Motherwell.

Like the oars of a Gokstad ship building up to a battle-like momentum – when the synchronised clap and ‘Huh’ rise to a spine-tingling crescendo – Iceland is inspired and the opposition frozen.


Luxair and Mr. Sigurdanson clearly contributed to Iceland’s epic victory over England, thus causing BREXIT from UEFA.


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