Bill Would Enact Part 23 ARC Recommendations

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ARTICLE: Pompeo introduces legislation he says will help light aircraft industry


Rep. Mike Pompeo, R-Wichita, and co-sponsors Representatives Dan Lipinski, D-Illinois; Sam Graves, R-Missouri; Todd Rokita, R-Indiana; and Rick Nolan, D-Minnesota, introduced the Light Aircraft Revitalization Act. The bill would streamline the certification process, lower costs and revitalize the general aviation industry.

The basic concept of the legislation is drawn from the work product of the Part 23 Reorganization Advisory Rulemaking Committee. That federally chartered body is composed of 150 US and foreign regulators and industry representatives. For a year and a half, the team first defined that aspects of General Aviation flying posed the greatest risks. The next step was to see how the certification resources could better focus on how the design and regulatory review could better focus on how to enhance safety of the approved process. After these reviews were completed, the ARC suggested that the new Part 23 regime abandon a prescriptive approach and adopt an outcome based agenda.

The ARC’s recommendations were endorsed by the Administrator. One would assume that the FAA will quickly move to adopt the ARC’s recommendations. Representative Pompeo’s proposal, if adopted, would mandate that the FAA issue a final rule by 2015.

The best outcome would be for the FAA to promulgate a final rule before the Pompeo deadline. If the Part 23 ARC recommendations are not swiftly issued due to delays in the NPRM review process, then the Light Aircraft Revitalization Act would compel its adoption.

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  1. Sandy Murdock | July 10, 2013 at 3:53 pm | Reply

    Bill to Streamline General Aviation Certification Process Approved by House T&I Committee–

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