Biden Announcement on Trump Climate Change Rules for Aviation- not well met by 100 environmental groups

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Administration adopts the Trump path to Global CO aviation standards through ICAO

Green Groups lambasts the position with their facts

While the record is replete with good green actions by Aviation

The debate over aviation’s contribution to Climate Change is, at best, contentious. Below is an article announcing the Biden Administration’s to stay with the Trump Administration’s regulations on greenhouse gas emissions from aircraft. The White House further indicated that this was not an end point and that it will aggressively pursue green goals for US aircraft operations at ICAO’s sessions on CORSIA. The statement also cited its U.S. Aviation Climate Action Plan which makes it clear that the administration and industry support those critical milestones. The person, who will lead the US delegation to set these standards, is former Captain SullenbergerCapt. Sullenberger


The environmental groups (100 signatories to the joint letter[1]) responded with the sort of overblown invective which assures that the discussion will not reach a productive atmosphere”:


Biofuels are not proven to be carbon neutral or sustainable. Some jet biofuels cause more greenhouse gas emissions than fossil fuels. They can also result in increased emissions of nitrogen oxide, an air pollutant associated with respiratory illnesses including asthma.

“Call it greenwashing or ‘greenwishing’ but voluntary biofuel pledges won’t save us from climate catastrophe,” said Liz Jones, an attorney at the Center for Biological Diversity’s Climate Law Institute. “Despite being by far the largest airplane polluter in the world, the United States has stalled any meaningful aircraft emissions rules for more than a decade. Enforceable carbon pollution cuts are better than all the aspirational ambitions in the world, and they need to start now.”

“Rather than overturn Trump’s hollow, corporate-friendly regulations for aircraft emissions, Biden is exacerbating the problem by propping up dirty, false solutions like biofuel,” said Hallie Templeton, legal director for Friends of the Earth. “This administration must swiftly and meaningfully regulate harmful aircraft emissions, finally doing the right thing for the climate and communities.”

“Aircraft are a large and growing source of harmful emissions and yet remain largely unregulated,” said Sarah Burt, deputy managing attorney at Earthjustice. “If we’re to prevent devastating warming of our planet and protect the public from harmful air pollution, we have to move towards zero-emissions aviation. The EPA must set us on that path with a strong rule that significantly and immediately reduces carbon emissions from this sector.”

This really does not bode well for a consensus.







Biden administration signals it will keep Trump-era aircraft emissions rule


Biden at Glasgow

BY ZACK BUDRYK – 11/16/21 11:01 AM EST 28

The Biden administration in a court filing Monday night indicated it will continue Trump-era regulations on greenhouse gas emissions from aircraft.

In a statement, the EPA defended the move and said it understood the need for further action to reduce emissions from aviation.

Biden 2021 Plan “That is why the U.S. will press for ambitious new international CO2 standards at the upcoming round of ICAO negotiations, why in September the Biden Administration announced a series of actions aimed at boosting the development of sustainable aviation fuel, and why earlier this month the Biden Administration released the U.S. Aviation Climate Action Plan at COP26,” the statement said.


The agency added that it would explore possible other actions it can take under the authority of the Clean Air Act, which is independent of the ICAO standards.

The Trump administration rule, which would implement standards from the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO’s CORSIA), has been sharply criticized by environmental advocates, who note it would do little to meaningfully reduce aviation emissions. The agency itself wrote in 2020 that it was “not projecting emission reductions associated with today’s proposed GHG regulations.”

The Center for Biological Diversity (CBD), one of several environmental groups that filed a separate lawsuit over the rule, had harsh words for the Biden administration’s decision.CBD

[MORE: Consortium demands Biden administration cut airplane pollution through standards and not SAF ]

“White House officials had barely deplaned from their trip to the U.N. climate conference before the administration announced it won’t do anything to cut airplanes’ greenhouse pollution,” Liz Jones, an attorney at CBD, said in a statement. “The Biden administration has taken climate hypocrisy and delay to new heights. After being directed to review the useless Trump rule as part of a strategy to confront the climate crisis, the EPA twiddled its thumbs for nine months before deciding it would rather defend a do-nothing rule than set any meaningful limits on aircraft emissions.”

A CBD spokesperson confirmed to The Hill it will continue the lawsuit, adding that both parties should submit a briefing proposal no later than Dec. 6.

Commercial air travel is a significant source of U.S. greenhouse gas emissions, comprising about 3 percent of national emissions in 2018, according to EPA data…”

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multiple layers of aviation greening


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