B-747, a Great Bird heads to retirement

UA poster invite to see the B-747 before it retires
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 United adds "souvenirs" of old B 747 Flights

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One of the aviation icons defining American flight advances, the B-747 is being retired by one of its earliest customers. One of the tenets of Kelly Johnson, Lockheed’s Hall of Fame aircraft designer (Electra, P-38 Lightning, Constellation, F-104,C-130 Hercules, U-2 and SR-71Blackbird), is that all great planes and beautiful and the Boeing four engine, twin aisle, two level conqueror of the skies epitomizes that truism.

These birds were used by United and Continental for long haul, high density markets. Signature service was the hallmark of Hawaiian, International and Transcontinental flights.

Here are some of the pictures which United has provide—ENJOY:

In Flight with old livery elements

Passengers get final visits

Birds at rest before hangars at SFO

The definition of luxury, First class on both levels

Pilots and Flight attendants Uniforms during the B-747 lifeThe special uniforms worn on B-747 Flights to Hawai’i

This aircraft was inspiring just to board. Once in your seat, the experience, not always, was exceptional. Long flights allowed the flight attendants to provide one or more flights. Many, many passengers took this plane headed to exotic destinations. The spacious interior, the expectations about the visit and just the plane’s profile made many of these flights so memorable.

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4 Comments on "B-747, a Great Bird heads to retirement"

  1. I was working at JFK when the first 747’s arrived – the first with a blue globe, and the second with red and white paint. Up until then, the world’s biggest airliner was the “stretch 8,” the DC-8-61/63. The sight of the 747 was quite staggering! We stared at them in awe for weeks biefore they entered service, and the rest is……..

  2. Day of the first commercial 747 flight, Pan Am to London. Gov Rockefeller and lots of other people on deck for the ceremony. Mid afternoon we get two feet of GENOT (is that what we called it?) instructing us to not interpret but follow to the letter. We’ve got about an hour to figure it out…wake turbulence separation, a pie shape area 45 degrees either side of the tail extending ten mile horizontally and two thousand feet below. That’s a big chunk of airspace and we’ve got to apply it. Rulers and charts appear from nowhere and then the aviation Gods smile upon us. They can’t get the door shut on the plane. After the five hour delay the sky is empty and the Clipper Jet One is safely on its way.

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